OmniCare Institute offers a variety of courses designed to help social service workers, managers, and other team members learn about and improve best practices in social services organizations. Explore below to learn more about our current course options. New offerings will be listed here as they are added.

TACT2: Training of New Trainers

Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques (TACT2) Training for Trainers is a multi-day trauma-sensitive staff training program in behavior management, de-escalation, and crisis intervention. Since its inception in 1997, TACT2 has been used with over 64,000 staff in residential treatment, group homes, alternative schools, shelters, foster care, and many other settings.  Authored by Dr. Steve Parese, this training is available in 2-day (verbal skills) and 4-day (verbal and physical intervention skills) options.

ACEs: The Basics and Beyond

This training uses some of the latest knowledge about brain development to explain how difficult experiences in childhood can change brain development, responses to stress, health consequences and even early death.  The training will also show how factors can positively affect the developing brain.